Features to Look for in a Power Bank

04 Sep

You'll find a lot of options available in Sri Lanka when looking for a power bank to purchase. Each power bank comes with different specifications and features.

So, how to know which power bank is the right for you? To help you with the right purchase, we have listed for you the prominent features that you need to look for in a power bank.

Since, it is going to shape your future experience with the power bank, take these 5 basic factors seriously  (thanks to the advise by www.bestbargains.lk).

1. Capacity

In simple terms, the capacity of a power bank is the measurement of how much charging capacity it holds. A power bank with more capacity can charge the device to a greater extent and for longer periods and vice versa. This capacity is calculated in Milli Ampere Hour (mAh) and is mentioned visibility on the package of a power bank.

Next, it is important to get a power bank that is compatible with your phone's battery capacity. For instance, if the battery capacity of your cell phone is 2000 mAH, then you need to have a power bank with equal or more than 2000 mAh capacity to charge the phone fully.

2. Cell type

The type of cell a power bank uses significantly affects its performance and outcome. The two kinds of cells commonly used in power banks are lithium polymer and lithium-ion.

Lithium-ion power banks are cheap and easily available but are known to have less performance as compared to lithium-polymer ones. However, be wary of low-end lithium-ion power banks since they not only perform poorly but are prone to overheating and exploding if overcharged. Buy only from reputed brands and avoid street vendors. For the best power bank prices in Sri Lanka, check out bestbargains.lk

On the other hand, lithium-polymer power banks will provide you more efficient performance with better charge density per unit weight. However, they are more expensive in the Sri Lankan market.

3. Charging speed

The charging speed of a power bank is greatly influenced by its amperage. A power bank with more output amperage will forward more charge at the host device at a higher speed. Mostly the power banks come with 1-3.5 amperage. However, you need to look for amperage that is compatible with your device. Just like power banks, handsets have their input amperage that needs to be nearly equal to the output amperage of the power bank for efficient charging.

4. Charging ports
Since you need to charge your handset via a charging port, that is mostly a USB port, you need to look for a power bank that is compatible with your device. Check out whether the inputs and outputs of the power bank along with the charging cable works with your device.

5. Size and portability

The most prominent benefit of the power banks is their compact size and portability. Therefore, you need to look for the same traits when buying a power bank. Choose the sleekest and lightweight power bank as long as it does not affects its quality.


These were the top 5 vital features to look for in a power bank when buying one in Sri Lanka or any part of the world.. Remember, if you purchase an appropriate power bank, it will bless your device with long-lasting charging and usage even can't find an outlet near you to charge it. Hopefully, this basic knowledge related to the features and specifications of power banks will guide you to make the right choice.

Hope you enjoyed reading this guidance from The Retail Genius.

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