Stovetop Pressure Cooker or Electric Pressure Cooker?

23 Sep

If you are planning to get a pressure cooker for yourself, then chances are you may have come across the choice between an electric and stovetop pressure cooker. Both are beneficial in their domains. So, if you can decide which one to choose, leave it to us.

Electric pressure cooker

A highly cherished advantage of electric pressure cookers is that you don't have to keep a constant watch on it. Just turn it on and get busy with your daily chores. It has a completely automated mechanism where simply has to set the desired pressure from multiple settings available and it starts working. Moreover, an electric pressure cooker comes with a built-in timer to indicate when the food is prepared. All these factors combined, make an electric pressure cooker sufficiently easy to use. 

Here are some notable pros and cons related to electric pressure cookers.


Built-in cooking timer

With an electric pressure cooker, you can manually set the time required to prepare a certain food and walk away while the cooker does its work.


Since the control panel is loaded with multiple setting options, an electric pressure cooker has better safety.

Energy efficient

Electric pressure cookers are not dependent on either gas or electric stove. Yet they can create the necessary energy required.


As you have the leniency to manually set the pressure and timer, electric pressure cookers are suitable for a wide array of foods.



Due to all these extra features, electric pressure cookers cost more as well.

More cooking time

Electric pressure cooker consumes more time to cook the food as compared to stove-top pressure cookers because a certain pressure in electric cookers is a little weaker than the same pressure in stovetop one. 

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Stovetop pressure cooker

Stovetop pressure cooker is known to be reliable while being cost-efficient at the same time. Despite not being automated like electric pressure cookers, it comes with its perks. Stovetop pressure cookers use electric or gas stove to provide heat. They come in varying sizes from small to large. It does not have much automation when it comes to setting the pressure. You can choose either from high or low pressures. Mostly, they lack an integrated timer so you need to keep a constant check while the food is being prepared. By simply removing the top, you can use a stovetop pressure cooker like a normal pot as well. Let's have a look at its pros and cons.



Stovetop pressure cookers cost less as compared to its counterpart.


Stovetop pressure cooker is a lot lighter and more compact in comparison to electric pressure cookers. Therefore, they are easily storable and maneuverable.


Just remove the top and use it as a simple pot. 


Less secure

The stovetop pressure cooker comes with some safety concerns.

Requires more attention

You need to keep a strict check on them when cooking.


As you may have noticed, there are some pros and cons related to each type of pressure cooker. Ultimately, it is up to you to select the suitable one for you. Hopefully, our elaboration on this topic will save you from the wrong purchase.

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